What is HCG and How Does It Works?

HCG is short for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. When a woman becomes pregnant her body produces mass amounts of this hormone. It converts the body's fat to energy, and speeds up the metabolism. In a pregnant woman, this breakdown of the fat feeds the unborn baby, but in a person (male or female) who is NOT pregnant, this fat is used by the body as energy at the rate of 2000-4000 calories per day and then eliminated.
Another fascinating feature of the HCG hormone is that it only releases your body's abnormal fat! Not the structural fat or muscle tissue! When your body establishes a new 'set-point' weight, it will process excess differently, making it more difficult to gain weight than when you were at your higher weight.  You will not experience these benefits with any other weightloss program!

Body Acidity and Weight Gain


Three Kinds Of Fat



The Protocol

  • 01. Phase 1 / Loading

    Did you ever think that you would see the day when you would start a diet by gorging like there's no tomorrow? Well, today is your lucky day! 

  • 02. Phase 2 / Core

    This is the very low calorie phase of the diet. Although you are consuming a very low amount of calories you will not experience any significant hunger because the drops will cause your body to use its own fat stores as a food source using 2000 - 4000 additional calories per day!

  • 03. Phase 3 / Stabilization

    In this 3 week phase, you will add an additioanl 1000 calories daily and stabilize your weight. Be diligent! Completing this phase properly, resets your metabolism, so it fights to keep your body at it's new lower weight! 

  • 04. Phase 4 / Maintenance

    Now your eating whatever you wish. You have learned to moderate your eating and will continue to weigh yourself daily to detect those foods that cause you to gain.

  • 05.


Benefits Of Discover HCG Drops


Our DiscoverHCG drops are not a prescription.  We have added support for hunger control, supporting the endocrine system, correcting and normalizing faulty metabolism, B12 for energy and a mild diuretic to help with water weight.  One bottle is good for 23 to 25 days on the program.

    • 1. Safe and rapid weight loss!
      2. HCG prevents muscle loss!
      3. Selectively targets your 'bad' fat stores!
      4. Contains B-12, Mag-Phos & Nat-Phos!
      5. Impressive, natural, body sculpting!
      6. Regain youthful energy!
      7. Increased confidence!
      8. Travels well! No need for refrigeration!
      9. A small fraction of the cost of the injections!
      10. Proven as effective as painful injections!


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