Your hypothalamus should now be in control of your metabolism and it should be doing everything it can to keep the fire burning to help you maintain your new weight.  Your main job is to eat normal sized portions of any foods that you like, drink plenty of water, and enjoy your new body!


Your scale is your secret weapon and you should continue to weigh yourself each morning for life.  You never want to allow yourself a gain of any more than 2 pounds.  If any morning, you step on the scale and find that you are more than 2 pounds over your final set weight, you can immediately begin a 'Steak Day'. 


A 'Steak Day' is when you take in nothing but plain water until dinner at which time you will have a 8 to 14oz steak, using whatever spices you choose (no sauce, no sugars, and no salt) followed by either a raw  apple or raw tomato.  When you wake the following morning, the extra weight is gone.  Resume normal eating.


Your weight maintenance plan:

 Eat normally and reasonably

Weigh yourself each morning

Take a 'Steak Day' if you need to

Live your life and embrace the new you!