Our Story 

This company was built around a group of friends and acquaintances who stumbled across this fascinating hormone quite by chance. Like millions of others, we aged and gained weight.  Our metabolisms slowed, and we found it more difficult to rid our bodies of the unwanted fat and the misery that accompanied it. We were all size 12 through 22 and really wanted to lose the unhealthy weight and live longer healthier lives for ourselves and our families.  

Fortunately, one of us witnessed the rapid weight loss of a group of women who were suffering from various degrees of obesity and illness such as, high blood pressure, diabetes, and edema. These women attended the same gym as our friend and she saw them almost daily until she stopped attending. This friend reported that after a month and a half absence from this gym, she returned to find that each and every one of these women  had new bodies!  No skin was sagging.  No one looked emaciated. Every one of them appeared vibrant, healthy, and youthful!  A few of them had even been taken of of their medications by their doctors!  They were not working out hard like 'The Biggest Losers' or anything, they were just walking slowly on the treadmill and using the elliptical machine as they usually did, only now they were also using homeopathic HCG drops!  

When the rest of us heard the story, along with the excitement in our friend's voice, most of us jumped on it but a few were a bit skeptical. We all hit the Internet and read everything we could find. We even found nay-sayer articles but quickly realized that they were people who had no true knowledge of homeopathy or HCG, some doctors included.  We even found HCG companies battling one another by using scare tactics to keep potential customers away from the competition!  

We pushed past all the nonsense, began using HCG drops and almost immediately began dropping pounds!  Word spread fast that we had discovered a 'fountain of youth' and our phones rang off the hook!  People were even texting us and knocking on our  doors so we had to share! 

Our team worked hard to bring you the best homeopathic HCG we could find.   We compared notes and settled on a lab and formulation that gave the most consistent results for our group of 10. We did not consider cost but we did consider our health as we quickly learned what red flags to look for before purchasing and using HCG from different labs and HCG companies, comparing the formulations and testing the effectiveness while noting our findings.   

We were introduced to this product at a time when we were desperate for better health and our prayers were answered...literally.  We were more than ready to receive this blessing and it is our pleasure to share this with you.

Are you ready to receive it?


The Discover HCG Team