As you begin this amazing diet, you may find that there are things you may be doing that could possibly slow down or stall your progress.  Read through our Tips page to avoid these road blocks to keep your weight loss in motion!



Prepare yourself mentally.  This is not a diet to take lightly.  Ask yourself some hard questions, such as: 

"Am I healthy?"

"Can I remember what a healthy body feels like"?

"Am I satisfied with my appearance?"

"How did I let my weight get out of control?"

"Am I ready to change my physical health and commit to this diet for 30 days?" 

Arm yourself with a basic understanding of the diet and sheer determination. These two things combined with our Discover HCG 's special formulation of professional strength drops will kick your unwanted, extra pounds to the curb!  Now!  Period.

Learn to turn a def ear to the nay-sayers and the haters!  Even a few of our spouses tried to block our success with negativity but after only a few days of weight loss they were believers and quickly spreading the word about these 'miracle drops'! 

Read Dr. Simeon's manuscript entitled 'Pounds and Inches'  It is chock full of answers to all your HCG questions and is the most important reading material pertaining to this diet. 

Use a good raw food multi-vitamin daily to assure you are getting adequate nutrients and help to speed your weight loss. 

Plan! Plan! Plan!  We can't stress this enough! 



Create a list of high-fat foods that you would like to eat during your Loading Phase.

So often, our clients can't wait to gorge during this phase but can't think of anything to gorge on!  Write some things down and visit our Phase 1/ Loading page for suggestions.  Try to eat high-fat foods, in large quantities, every 1 to 2 hours if you can. Go for the feeling of being stuffed.  Remember, your ability to load properly will save you from hunger during your first week as your body adjusts to the 'very low calorie phase' of the diet!  Eat up!



Get yourself a bathroom scale. A digital scale is best as it gives additional readings such as water weight and muscle mass measurements.  Many of us despise our scales because they always seem to tell us something we don't want to hear but in as little as a few days into this diet, it will begin telling you that you are shrinking!  Trust us, you two will become best buds! 

Get a good digital food scale.  No need to get the most expensive one.  You can use a paper plate(1oz) to hold the foods you are measuring if your scale doesn't come with a bowl.  Just remember to account for the weight of the plate when calculating your food   weight.  

Purchase plastic zipper bags to store your pre-portioned foods. 

Carefully choose the foods that you plan to eat from the 'allowable foods list' on the Phase 2/ Core page and when you move into Phase 3/ Stabilization, choose from that list as well. Remember to avoid gluttony and you will be alright.

Visit your grocery store armed with your allowable foods list and purchase ONLY THOSE FOODS that you wish to eat.  Don't fool yourself into thinking that you can venture off protocol and improvise a bit, especially with pre-processed foods. You will be setting yourself up for failure! 

Prepare your proteins(lean beef, fish, chicken breast) by rinsing and carefully cutting away all visible traces of fat. Weigh your portions accurately to 3.5 oz.  Store these portions individually in small plastic zipper bags and freeze.

Do the same with your vegetables, rinsing them thoroughly, cutting them up, weighing them raw and storing them in pre-measured individual portions. 

Use lemon wedges to add alkalinity to your water.  Learn more about your body's acidity and how alkalinity can help by clicking the link below.           

Body Acidity And Weight Gain 

Get into the habit of reading food labels.  The best food choices have only 1 ingredient on the label.  Watch out for pre-seasoned foods! While convenient, they almost always will contain something that can sabotage your progress, like butter, oils, sugar, or too much sodium. 

Check out the spices you have on hand. Spices can be used freely providing there are no sugars or oils/fats mixed in. 

Stay positive!  Don't let anyone get you down. You may have days when you have no loss but you must remember the fat is in motion and your body is being sculpted. Measure your body. You will quite possibly see inches lost! 

Stay busy! So often, we find ourselves searching for food when we're bored!   

Stay motivated!   

Stick to the protocol and remember, if things get tough we are here for you!